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Caffeine: good or bad for students?

By Karina Zarate

Caffeine is a substance that is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, cola drinks, and certain medicines. It causes several effects on the human body’s metabolism, including stimulation of the central nervous system.


Caffeine has the capacity to make a person feel more alert and increase energy. But even though college students have easy access to caffeine, is it beneficial or does it bring more harm to them upon consumption?

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El resultado de la excesiva importancia que se le otorga a la imagen en la Sociedad

Por Karina Zarate


Una imagen se puede idealizar hoy en día por todas las demandas de cómo es “un cuerpo ideal.”

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Alumnos victimas del estrés

Por Sara Montalvo


Está comprobado que la mayoría de las personas que dicen tener problemas, el 80% es generalmente por causa del estrés.

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Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen

By Alejandra Hernandez

What is the “Freshman 15?”  It is an expression that refers to an amount of weight often gained by students during their first year of college.


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Medical Miracles

By Alexis Garza

Today’s great breakthroughs in modern medicine have shocked the world on how we view traditional medicine.



Our idea of medicine is your basic tablets with some side effects, but as time goes on the norms of medicine are starting to shift and what was once illegal is now becoming a scientific breakthrough.


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Replacing Obamacare

By Ana C. Posada


Approximately 69% of Republicans and 63% of Democrats say that healthcare costs are too high and should be lowered. Trump and his fellow Republicans have long vowed to end Obama’s legacy, and have taken the steps to do so.

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An Obese America

By Pablo Nieto

Being out of breath, getting tired easily, and limited mobility due to are just the exterior signs of obesity.


What happens in the interior is much worse.  Obesity has been linked to heart problems, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer.  Obesity is a growing epidemic in America, even though public awareness for the dangers of obesity has increased.

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Health Care: The College Years

By Scarletth Merkley

The time an individual is in university is commonly labeled as ‘”the best years of your life”.  Pursuing higher education during these four years is not only commendable, but also the time to gain independence and a slight taste of reality.

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How “Dr. Crazy” became Dr. Fuentes

By Anna Castilla

To most people, he is known as Dr. Luis Fuentes; but to our family he is either known as Louie or as “The Doctor”.  Luis Fuentes is 27 years old and resides in Corpus Christi, Texas where he works at a local hospital. He is currently doing his residency and is looking to graduate within the next two years. I decided to meet up with Fuentes because he has not only been such an inspiration for me, but for the rest of our family.


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Procrastination: A Student’s Own Worst Enemy

By Ricky Castillon


With online media becoming more and more compact, and attention spans across the nation shrinking at alarming rates, it can be really hard to stay focused. These days, especially for young people just starting to foray into the adult world, one of the biggest hurdles that face young professionals is the danger of procrastination. Putting off what you need to get done is a surefire way of making sure it never gets done; here are seven tips and tricks from the best in the business on how to stop procrastinating and get to work.


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