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TAMIU Eyes Tuition Hike

By Selena Infante


For many students, college is not only a necessity but also a luxury, one which many are not able to afford. Universities across the country have been criticized for increasing tuition prices and Texas A&M International University is no exception. Current talks on increasing tuition for the 2017-2018 cycle have created controversy among students.

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Second Return of Space Jam

By Giovanni Salinas

Being a “sneakerhead”, or a sneaker enthusiast, is more than just buying every sneaker that is released, it’s more of buying shoes you enjoy and like. There are Jordan retros releasing every other week and it is really disappointing to see that now there isn’t really a story behind a certain shoe, it’s just produced to create profit for the company.



However, sneakers that do have a backstory, are usually limited releases. There is one sneaker in particular that was made famous by a live action cartoon movie and even though it has a huge back story to it, it was still mass produced and is one of the greatest Jordan retros to ever be released: the Air Jordan XI “Space Jam.”


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Same Struggles, Different Day

By Giovanni Salinas

There comes a time in our adolescence where we decide to become ambitious and goal-oriented. The youth of every generation is filled with dreams and aspirations. However, on the path to their success, they are often faced with challenges that stops them from reaching their peak.  High school teachers always said college was a very challenging part of life, but they never really offered a survival guide, a how-to encyclopedia for all the challenges faced at the university level.

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Food Delivery Servicing TAMIU and Community

It is an exciting year for Foods4U, Laredo’s very own food and grocery delivery service.  Entrepreneurs Lydia V. Johnson, Communication major at Texas A&M International University, and Erick Contreras, TAMIU graduate and military veteran are excited to announce that they will offer their food delivery service, Foods4U, to the TAMIU community.

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A Misleading Company Called Convergys

By Toby Schwerin

Educational opportunities are what play an important factor in the lives of young adults. However, working and maintaining a college career is extremely difficult and most times impossible. Employees who are also students must find a job that works with their school schedule and not interfere with their studies. This can be difficult considering the pay and hours needed to make a living and pay for school.

Companies that offer full and part time students a job with flexible hours are in high demand and are almost guaranteed to be a successful company. However, it is rare to find these jobs and when they do come around it is hard to find positions available. Convergys is a customer service telephone company that helps customers fix their technological issues and insurance sales. Yet why does Convergys offer so many positions all the time and be advertised as a great place for college students, but still need more workers?

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5 Applications That Will Give You More For Your Buck

As university students it is known that we are usually under a tight budget. Any form of deals, sales, or a new cheap and experimental snack is always greatly appreciated and occasionally sought.  Sometimes it seems impossible to save money and hunger pangs while friendly invitations get neglected and postponed, one is left with a somber and empty feeling, literally. What is there to do now but pull out your smart phone and scroll through your Facebook feed and just witness others post of their new purchases and their yummy meals.  The situation seems practically helpless, doesn’t it? What if I told you that using that same very device you use to check your Facebook you can use to save money on merchandise and food too?

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