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The Smartest Man In The Room

The Smartest Man In The Room

With SGA elections come and gone, it is now a good time to reflect on the presidency of Joshua Llamas. Llamas did not seek re-election this year, and will be succeeded by Jesus Padilla. The SGA did reduce in size heavily this semester allow for some easy wins for the elected leaders. However, Llamas did stay resilient against some difficult odds. Strangely, for his presidency, Llamas was the SGA. Llamas was elected president in the spring of 2015 succeeding Jackie Briseño. One of the few political science majors in the SGA, Llamas did put in some political intrigue into his presidency. His time in office may not have been very colorful or lavish, but it was definitely something smarter and more professional. As the chief political correspondent, I did pay attention to the smaller details...

SGA Elections Bring New Government

The New and Outgoing Presidents Newly elected Student Body President Jesus Padilla and outgoing president Joshua Llamas came to The Bridge News to share their thoughts. The two were asked diverse questions corresponding with their new positions. Padilla was asked about his plans and concerns for his new presidency and newly-formed government. Llamas spoke about his time as president. Coming in at the relatively young age of 18, Padilla aims to mark his presidency by continuing on the incomplete efforts of Llamas. At the same time, he is strategizing how he can work to resolve student issues. Food and nutrition for TAMIU students and advancing the campus’ internet capabilities are among these issues. Concerning food, Padilla explained an ongoing effort to create a student food pantry. Th...
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