OPINION: New album explores artist’s controversial experiences

OPINION: New album explores artist’s controversial experiences

Album Review

By Vicente Mendoza
Sports Editor

Published Thursday, March 7, 2024

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, one of the most influential but controversial artists of the 21st century, has done it again and released his new album, Vultures Volume 1.

Coming off releasing Donda back in 2021, just before his legal name change, Ye experienced many controversies, which led to several major companies cutting ties, such as Adidas and Gap.

Vicente Mendoza portrait - Bridge Sports Editor
Vicente Mendoza
Sports Editor

He seemed to be forgotten by many, and it looked like this was one controversy he would never recover from. In the midst of everything that happened the prior year, Kanye returned to the studio to release Vulture Volume 1. This is the first album in a trilogy releasing in the coming months.

This album put him back in the spotlight, hitting No. 1 on all of the music streaming services, with all 16 songs hitting the Billboard Top 100. In my opinion, this album is possibly one of the most complete albums Ye has released in quite some time.

This album is a mix of his past works, such as Yeezus and The Life of Pablo, and blends them together well. One great aspect is the addition of Ty Dolla $ign on vocals throughout. His vocals go well with the whole work and complements Ye’s verses.

The album’s production is on a scale with his previous ones. Another great aspect is the many topics he brings up all throughout. The album explores the trouble Ye went through with the media and his public perception. It really shows his personal feelings from the past year, and finally ends triumphantly with King.

While I personally enjoyed this album, it does not mean it’s flawless. I think its biggest flaw is how some of the verses are laid out. Some of them can be a little cringey, but it is not an overwhelming amount that makes you personally dislike the album. Another problem I had with it is some of the mixing. For some songs, the mixing is a little off for verses and production.

The last problem I encountered is not with the album itself, but the problems stemming from the constant removal of some songs or the album entirely due to Ye’s perception. This album is definitely not perfect, but it is a strong comeback statement from Ye.


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