ARTS: Students show skills in ‘Got Talent’ show

ARTS: Students show skills in ‘Got Talent’ show

By Emmanuel Reyes Corona
Bridge Staff Podcaster
Published Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023

In the tradition of America’s Got Talent, TAMIU’s CAB and Allegro joined forces to bring the talent experience to campus.

The Texas A&M International University community gathered on Nov. 7 at the Student Center Auditorium for an evening full of talent, creativity and entertainment with the first-ever TAMIU’s Got Talent competition. This event was led by a collaboration of the Campus Activities Board and TAMIU Allegro, a campus music organization that highlights and supports students with musical talent.

TAMIU's Got Talent event lineup
Emmanuel Reyes Corona | Bridge
A group of contestants pose for photo during CAB and Allegro’s TAMIU’s Got Talent show on Nov. 7 in the Student Center Auditorium.

The event gathered seven students from various backgrounds to perform their talents. All participants, regardless of their final place, were recognized for their talents with a participation diploma and a $10 voucher for campus use. Yet, the top-three performers obtained more than recognition and applause.

For the top three places, the prizes were significant. Third place received $20 in Dusty Dollars, $30 Dusty for second and the winner received the jackpot of $50 Dusty. The top places were selected by a jury including Allegro President Dana Amador, orientation leader Alejandro “Alex” Banda and one other.

The audience also played jury during the Fan-Favorite category. Audience members were able to access a QR code to vote for their favorite act, making the performer with the most votes the Fan-Favorite winner.

Student performs during TAMIU's Got Talent
Emmanuel Reyes Corona | Bridge
Treytion Weight plays the keyboard during CAB and Allegro’s TAMIU’s Got Talent show on Nov. 7 in the Student Center Auditorium.

Biology major Mia Trujillo participated in the first-ever competition by singing two covers, including one by Bruno Mars: When I Was Your Man. Next, the stage received Mark Gutierrez, who performed Mariah Carey’s Emotions. Gutierrez filled the room with his energy and high notes.

Other contestants included Neleni Garza, who gave a two-act performance. Garza started by interpreting Latin-American accents. Following a nervous performance, she loosened up and was able to make her second performance, singing the Christian song Arrebato.

TAMIU's Got Talent performers
Emmanuel Reyes Corona | Bridge
Unidentified singers compete during CAB and Allegro’s TAMIU’s Got Talent show on Nov. 7 in the Student Center Auditorium.
Emmanuel Reyes Corona | Bridge
An unidentified contestant plays the guitar during CAB and Allegro’s TAMIU’s Got Talent show on Nov. 7 in the Student Center Auditorium.

Treytion Weight raised the stakes as he not only sang the Lumineers’ Cleopatra, but also offered his original song Dubious. While on stage, he played the guitar and the piano. Prior to his second performance, he made a warning: “the song is super sad.”

Despite his soft performance of two cover songs, including Second Best, Rogelio Santiago Montoya secured third place. Viviana Cardenas earned second place in the competition, enchanting the auditorium with her top-notch performance of Adele’s While We Were Young, where in the end, she obtained the cheers of the audience.

The first place and fan-favorite title went to the electrifying Jose Villasenor and his band. The auditorium lit up as Villasenor performed two original songs, Tu Que Sabes and Relinda. The charismatic energy of Villasenor earned him both the top prize of the jury and the devoted support and selection of the audience. Notably, Villasenor’s music can be found on Spotify.

TAMIU’s Got Talent also featured a special visit from Trainwreck, a South Texas band building its path in the music industry. Its members performed two songs, including a cover of Gotye’s Somebody that I Used to Know.

The competition came to an end with the diploma and awards ceremony, placing all performers back on stage. The atmosphere reached its peak with a confetti explosion and applause from the room. The auditorium echoed with the sounds of cheers, screams and applause, concluding TAMIU’s first-ever “Got Talent” competition.


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