Greek life kicks off at TAMIU

Sororities and fraternities date back to the 1700s, with the goal of forming social bonds with like-minded individuals. This idea has not changed much.

Except in modern day, the idea of joining one of these groups is synonymous with binge drinking and hazing rituals. Rather, in practice, these groups are designed to bring members a sense of unity through activity participation. Many of the benefits extend beyond student life and transcend into their career path.

The first step to becoming a full member of a Greek organization is to make it through rush week. This is the recruitment stage that usually happens at the beginning of the year. These clubs differ slightly but for the most part they introduce themselves to the potential recruits and inform them about what makes their group so unique. Potential pledges can get their introduction to the group at one of the many parties or simply by meeting them on campus. After rush, students decide which sorority or fraternity they will pledge to.

These Greek organizations are designed for students to come together and make memories. TAMIU is host to a number of them, including Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Delta Psi, Sigma Delta Pi and Sigma Nu Delta. Interested persons may contact the Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement to enroll today.


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