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Inside An Athletic Trainer’s Life

By Alexandra Camacho

Many people know what a “coaching” position is but, few people know what an “athletic training” position really means. Sports is a big part of America, it is all over the television and schools and athletic trainers are the people behind the scenes that play a big role, most of the times unnoticed.

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Laredo Lemurs: ‘Love at first sight’

By Ricardo Rangel

There have been four professional sport leagues in the City of Laredo within a short span of just about 15 years. With in these years all but two out of the five original attempts of professional sports are still active today. The Laredo Bucks was an ice hockey sport team under the Berry Conference, The Laredo Rattlesnakes was a football team under the Lone Star Football League, and the Laredo Heat was a soccer club under the Premier Development League all of which shut down as professional sports in Laredo because of acclaimed low attendance turn outs which eventually leads to profit loss. Currently, there are two teams active today the Laredo Swarm a professional basketball league and the Laredo Lemurs, a professional baseball team.

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Get ‘Em to the Dodgers

By Andre Hernandez

This late in October, the center of the sports world is more than likely shifted towards the sport of baseball; being that the World Series of Major League Baseball (MLB) is officially underway.

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And so the Drama Continues…

By Teresa Ramirez

Olympic swimmer and twelve time Olympic medalist, Ryan Lochte, has been under tribulation since the 2016 Rio Olympics after lying to the world that he was robbed at gunpoint. The thirty-two year old swimmer also claimed the robber demanded money from him and other teammates that were with Lochte at the time.

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TAMIU Men’s Soccer Looking for Silverware in 2016 Campaign

By Rodrigo Marina

Texas A&M International University’s men’s soccer team is looking to bring some trophies to the school this season. The Dustdevils are aiming to improve from last year’s campaign, which saw six wins, eleven losses, and two ties.

With the help of their award winning forward, Ryan Hodgson, they are hoping to bring home the championship title for the 2016 campaign.

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The Greatest of All Time


On May 25, 1965, Sonny Liston enters a ring with his opponent seeking to regain his title. Liston has been getting himself in trouble since his first defeat by this opponent. He needed this rematch, not only to preserve his boxing career, but to redeem his honor. He’s been a broken man ever since.

Liston comes at his opponent with a left jab, but it proves useless. His opponent swings over with a phantom punch, a strike not even the judges could see, and Liston goes down. He tries to get up, but he can’t. In less than two minutes, Liston is defeated again. What he failed to recognize was that he was not having a rematch with the same man. His first loss was by Cassius Clay. His second unapologetic loss was by Muhammad Ali.

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