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News with Kassandra and Pablo

Kassandra Juarez and Pablo Nieto discuss the Imaginarium, Altitude Trampoline Park, and other fun ways to pass time around town.


The Real

In this video, we discuss the craze behind the new Unicorn Frappucino, “The Circle”, the newly opened Tilted Kilt pub in Laredo, and much more.

Featuring Alexis Garza, Scarletth Merkley, Kriztella Quirino, and Veronica Romero.

Edited by Kassandra de Hoyos.


The Bridge News – November 15, 2016

On today’s show, we talk about health care, unisex restrooms, and tuition expenses from eyes of a veteran.

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Syria’s public health crisis

A summary of the ongoing civil war in Syria and the public health crisis it has created.


The Monthly Feed – Special Edition featuring The Bridge News!

This summer, The Bridge joined up with our partners at the TAMIU KLRN studio for a special edition of their monthly newscast, The Monthly Feed! Here’s our editor-in-chief Rebekah Rodriguez covering two of her stories.


Students and faculty discuss Pulse shooting

TAMIU faculty and students spoke to The Bridge News about the recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida and what we can learn from this event.


Read more about TAMIU’s response to this tragedy.

Read Rudy’s editorial about the Pride Parade.


Lucky Thirteen: A Story of Surviving and Thriving


Kenny Duncan Jr is a 21 year old student, poet, and filmmaker. He’s also a cancer survivor. Last year, he beat the odds when he became the first person to survive a rare form of cancer.


Read more about Kenny here.