Day: September 20, 2017

Pan American Courts: Laredo’s unique variety venue

With local food trucks, the Musa art gallery and Cultura Beer Garden offering their clientel a unique Laredo experience, the Pan American Courts is known for its hotel and cafe built in 1964.

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TAMIU instructors showcase talent outside classroom

Students were offered an opportunity to see their professors demonstrate talent outside of the classroom. The Fine and Performing Arts Center Recital Hall opened its doors Friday, Sept. 15, to showcase the semester’s first concert.

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TAMIU celebrates “El Grito”

TAMIU celebrated this year’s Mexican Independence Day by bringing the “El Grito” celebration directly to TAMIU students. Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day. It is actually Sept. 16 that commemorates Mexico’s Independence.

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DACA supporters take to the streets

In the heat of Trump’s backlash against DACA, student Dreamers and supporters took to the heated streets of Laredo to make a statement.

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