Day: January 27, 2017


Procrastination: A Student’s Own Worst Enemy

By Ricky Castillon   With online media becoming more and more compact, and attention spans across the nation shrinking at alarming rates, it can be really hard to stay focused. These days, especially for young people just starting to foray into the adult world, one of the biggest hurdles that face young professionals is the danger of procrastination. Putting off what you need to get done is a surefire way of making sure it never gets done; here are seven tips and tricks from the best in the business on how to stop procrastinating and get to work.   (more…)

Chasing Smoke

By Ricky Castillon December 9, 2016.   After months of stalling and procrastination, winter has finally come to south Texas. On this particular morning I had already been out to drop off my youngest brother at his high school, picked up some breakfast and coffee for myself, come home, run around the backyard with my dog for as long as I could stand before the impending chill threatened my already-failing attempt to fight off a cold, begun work on some watercolor illustrations I hadn’t gotten the chance to work on.   It was then I realized my mistake. The previous day I’d been working in the computer lab at the university and that I’d left my bag with brushes and ink pens that I was going to need. It was a rookie move, with the amount of traffic a lab can get this c...
Second Return of Space Jam

Second Return of Space Jam

By Giovanni Salinas Being a “sneakerhead”, or a sneaker enthusiast, is more than just buying every sneaker that is released, it’s more of buying shoes you enjoy and like. There are Jordan retros releasing every other week and it is really disappointing to see that now there isn’t really a story behind a certain shoe, it’s just produced to create profit for the company.     However, sneakers that do have a backstory, are usually limited releases. There is one sneaker in particular that was made famous by a live action cartoon movie and even though it has a huge back story to it, it was still mass produced and is one of the greatest Jordan retros to ever be released: the Air Jordan XI “Space Jam.”   (more…)
Celebrating the Dead
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Celebrating the Dead

By Danny Zaragoza, Marcos Tijerina, and Giovanni Salinas Colorful sugar skulls, papier-mâché skeletons in formal attire, and death themed crafts adorned the outside of the Laredo Center for the Arts as Laredoans celebrated the Dia de los Muertos this past November. But the Mexican holiday is more than bedazzled skulls and face painting.   (more…)
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How “Dr. Crazy” became Dr. Fuentes

By Anna Castilla To most people, he is known as Dr. Luis Fuentes; but to our family he is either known as Louie or as “The Doctor”.  Luis Fuentes is 27 years old and resides in Corpus Christi, Texas where he works at a local hospital. He is currently doing his residency and is looking to graduate within the next two years. I decided to meet up with Fuentes because he has not only been such an inspiration for me, but for the rest of our family.   (more…)
Changing Perspectives
Professor Profile

Changing Perspectives

By Danny Zaragoza From South Korea to South Texas, former University of Texas instructor and now part of the TAMIU family, Dr. Ji Won Kim has brought with her a generous amount of personal and professional experience and a unique perspective of Laredo and TAMIU students.   (more…)

Achieving Graduation as a Parent

By Betsabe Segovia Being an undergraduate in college is stressful at times. Being a college student, a parent, and holding down a job is even more difficult, especially when affordable child care is hard to find and many parents are working just to pay for the daycare and your classes.   (more…)
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Bag Ban Troubles

By Janellie Berlanga Laredo’s only environmental advocacy group is facing legal apprehension in regards to their efforts of keeping Laredo bag free. Over twenty years ago the Rio Grande International Study Center, also known as RGISC, started an organization that advocates for clean water. Specifically, they pay close attention to the Rio Grande where Laredo gets a majority of its drinking water. (more…)
A Texas-Sized Educational Leap
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A Texas-Sized Educational Leap

By Giovanni Salinas and Sergio Loera The Texas Academy of International & STEM studies is perhaps the newest high school in Laredo, it is located inside Cowart Hall at Texas A&M International University, TAMIU, and is part of TAMIU Independent School District, TISD. It was first formed through a legislation authored by Senator Judith Zaffirini around 10 years ago, but planning came to a halt due to a lack of funding.   However, in 2014, the first cohort was inducted into the Academy featuring a total of 42 students. The Academy showed great results as the first graduate class in 2016 attempted 582 student credit hours and completed 567 for a mind-blowing passing percentage of 97.4.   Ms. Cassandra Ramirez was part of the first graduating class.   ...
Think Globally: Association of International Students
On Campus

Think Globally: Association of International Students

By Karla Reyna and Sergio Loera Texas A&M International University is located in the mostly Latino border city of Laredo, TX. As such, TAMIU ranks amongst the highest in Hispanic enrollment among American universities. However, there is more to the “International” in the university’s name than just its location—there are both faculty and students from all over the world attending the school, with numbers increasing by the year. As technology makes our world smaller, and all business is international business, having global connections and knowledge is in high demand. While it is highly recommended that TAMIU students take the opportunity to study abroad, it is not necessary in order to learn about other cultures.     (more…)
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