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TAMIU celebrates 50th today

Today official TAMIU 50th anniversary

TAMIU 50th Anniversary


Adopt A Pet, Save A Life

Each year an estimated 2.7 million pets are euthanized simply because there was no more room for them in the shelter, according to the Humane Society.  These numbers can be significantly reduced if more people adopted a pet.  Welcoming a pet into the family comes with benefits for both the owner and the pet.  The statement “man’s best friend” has proven true for many content pet owners. Adopting a pet is less expensive than buying one from a pet store.  Most shelters ask for a low cost adoption fee to cover the costs of the food and board.  Some may even include the first vaccination and a discounted price for micro-chip and spay or neuter.  The Laredo Animal Protective Society (LAPS) together with Wellness of Wheels, a mobile veterinary clinic, provides vaccinations and other pet health services for an affordable price. Continue reading “Adopt A Pet, Save A Life”

I Am Not For Sale

By Amy Cortina Human trafficking generates $150 billion in annual profit; this makes it the world third largest illegal market, trailing closely behind the narcotics market. Humans are used as the product for this rapidly growing industry; many believe that slavery was abolished 151 years ago but we are currently living in the era of modern day slavery. Most people associate human trafficking with smuggling people into a country but humans are also trafficked for other reasons such as forced labor, organ extraction, and for sex exploitation. Continue reading “I Am Not For Sale”

Women on Weights: Defying Gender Stereotypes

By Joy Davis When someone mentions weight training, most people think of an extremely buff male.  When you walk into a weight room, it is with the expectation that you will find the majority of people working out will be male.  Gender roles are deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t even realize it. Women sometimes feel uncomfortable doing “manly” activities such as weight training for fear of judgement. Men, in most cases, picture their workouts with bench-presses, pull-ups, and push-ups. Being lean isn’t manly. It’s all about being big. Continue reading “Women on Weights: Defying Gender Stereotypes”