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Ready for everything, master of none

Four years ago, I stepped onto the grounds of Texas A&M International University with a fresh set of notebooks in my backpack, a shiny new student ID card (complete with an awkward photo), and a brave little heart.

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In Our View: Gambling with the Innocent

The thought that someone would stoop so low as to forbid the entrance of unfortunate children, just to gain a bargaining chip, is unacceptable. The worst part about President Donald Trump’s current “temper tantrum,” is that if the U.S. Congress does not come to terms with his proposal, current benefactors of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy are at risk of being deported.

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Living on campus vs. on campus living

By Lydia Dean


Before anything, there is a difference between just “living on campus” and “on campus living”. “Living on Campus” is the physical act of actually staying—day in and day out—on campus. The university is your home for the semesters to come. “On Campus Living”, on the other hand, is creating a life for oneself when being on a college campus. Taking parts in campus wide events, working for the university, or even running an organization.

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This is the end

By Carlos Leon

Many religions tend to break down into various smaller denominations, especially the Christian religion.

There is one specific religion in particular based on Christian beliefs called the Church of the End of Times (Iglesia del Fin del Tiempo or IFT is the name and acronym in Spanish). This church has a unique prescience throughout most of Latin America

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The Underrated City

By Alexis Garza

Laredo: the city is considered the least diverse to some, but is also considered as the city that grew from a villa to the largest inland port on the united States-Mexican border.

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Politically Incorrect: Marvel’s Iron Fist is Fine

By Eddwin Cantu

With the recent rise of progressive decisions in visual media, many film or televised companies are taking more cautious approaches towards their intellectual properties.

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Smartphones: the weapons that damage our generation

By Alejandra Hernandez


During the last three years, smartphones have become one of the most important tools in our daily lives. Most people spend endless hours on their mobile devices, computers, laptops, and tablets. Current generations find it hard to believe that there used to be a time where none of these electronic devices hardly ever existed.

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Medical Miracles

By Alexis Garza

Today’s great breakthroughs in modern medicine have shocked the world on how we view traditional medicine.



Our idea of medicine is your basic tablets with some side effects, but as time goes on the norms of medicine are starting to shift and what was once illegal is now becoming a scientific breakthrough.


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Skewed News

By Danny Zaragoza

The current political culture in the United States has caused Facebook feeds to fill with links to implicitly biased websites which echo the times of yellow journalism’s contribution to the Spanish-American War.

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Coppola Woes

By Kassandra de Hoyos        

For the most part, writers write what they know.  The world of celebrity is all Sofia Coppola has ever known – thanks to her father being film legend Francis Ford Coppola.  So, it’s not a surprise this transfers onto her films.

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