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Sex Traffic A Growing Problem Worldwide

By Diana Gaytan


According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, there were 7,527 reported cases in 2016. 5,551 of them were cases of human sex trafficking.



In the state of Texas, 670 cases of human trafficking were reported in 2016. 473 of those cases involved sex trafficking and 574 of those victims were females.

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When TV Watches Back

Earlier this year, Vizio was found guilty of collecting data on approximately 11 million consumer TVs without the user’s knowledge or consent, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Domestic Violence in Mexico

By María F. Rodríguez

Domestic violence is defined by acts of violence performed in a house between any members of the family.  The aggressor can be either spouse or even children, but most of the time, women are the victims and men are the perpetrators.

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I Am Not For Sale

By Amy Cortina

Human trafficking generates $150 billion in annual profit; this makes it the world third largest illegal market, trailing closely behind the narcotics market. Humans are used as the product for this rapidly growing industry; many believe that slavery was abolished 151 years ago but we are currently living in the era of modern day slavery. Most people associate human trafficking with smuggling people into a country but humans are also trafficked for other reasons such as forced labor, organ extraction, and for sex exploitation.

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Teenage Dating Violence in Local High Schools

By Jessica Ayala

Teen dating violence (TDV) is a pattern of behavior that includes physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse by one person in an intimate relationship to exert power and control over another. In Laredo, Texas teenage dating violence has become more common, and often times has been reported as life threatening to teenagers ages 13-19 years old. In local high schools, approximately 1 in 5 female students reports being physically or sexually abused by a dating partner.

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