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Watching Over the Watchmen

The 1980s was a pivotal point for comic books and the medium as a whole. Even today’s modern elements seen in the ever-so-popular superhero television series and movies have their tonal origins from the period. During this, graphic novels began extremely popular. Though comic books and manga are all technically graphic novels, the term is separated from them because of its uniqueness. Graphic novel are larger and are more original stories in comparison to the thirty page monthly issue. Even when they adapt the characters from current comic stories, the graphic novel’s story is its own original work, and is usually not canon with the comic’s timelines.
One graphic novel did exemplify the medium while symbolizing the transition of the 1980s which is Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

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Why Good Representation Matters

Just over a month ago, the fourth season of Orange Is The New Black premiered on Netflix. Binge watchers all over the world rejoiced and immediately tuned in to follow the adventures of the women of Litchfield. Critics and viewers have praised the show for its groundbreaking representation of minority communities. Though the show’s protagonist is a self-described “WASP” (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), the supporting cast is composed of women from various backgrounds.  Of these, the Latina inmates (known to the others as “Spanish Harlem”) are among the ones most frequently cited as examples of progress in representation.

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